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There is no restriction on how you use your funds. There are no fixed monthly payments - you only pay a fixed percentage each time and only when you make a sale, which means very low stress in slow months.

Bad credit, no credit, no collateral, no co-signer or personal guarantee - NO problem! None of these things affect your qualifications. You only need to have been in business for 6+ months, preferably have 6 months left on a lease, and process $5k per month in credit/debit card sales or $15k/mo in non-credit/debit card sales.

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This is the chance to get that money your business has needed for who knows how long, which the banks refuse to lend to small businesses any longer. It's a fact. No sense in wasting any more of your time, just to get turned down again. Instead, why not take a few moments to fill out our loan application form? There are no loan application or processing charges, and no obligation. You will be contacted by a loan specialist who will be able to tell you how much cash you qualify to receive, usually in 3-5 days. You have nothing to lose and possibly so much to gain.

We now offer two fantastic companies you can apply to for an alternative financing loan. This gives you further choices from two different companies. They both are easy to qualify for. Neither requires good credit, collateral, or co-signer, and are both no cost to apply. The question isn't whether you will be approved as much as how much money you will be approved for and which loan offer you believe fits your needs the best. Click on both buttons below and fill out the application form for each company. Each will contact you to answer your questions and help make sure they formulate the best loan options that fit your needs prior to providing you with your options. Good luck and see you in the money!

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If the idea of helping small business owners in the USA and Canada to get the funding they desperately need sounds like a great way to make money, then why not consider becoming my partner and earning a sweet commission for simply referring these good folks to a website. No sales required (the loans sell themselves, and the company follows up with a phone call to help the applicant), and, there are no costs to you for this opportunity or any quotas to meet. Click here for more info: http://www.bit.ly/2fBB55h.