…it has 6 pages that you can changes as often as you want – change the headline, text and add/change pictures and even embed YouTube videos using iframe. Simple HTML coding is all that is required and the training to make these changes are included.

But, the best part is that you can use this app to communicate your messages; sales, events, launches, notices, anything to your subscriber base anytime you want, with this app, including sending out UNLIMITED SMS and/or push notifications (USA & Canada)

Did you know that SMS and push notifications are read over 90% of the time within 5 minutes of being received? Be like the big companies, and get an EDGE over your competition with this app!

This app is perfect if you own a pizzeria, restaurant, dental office, preschool, club, or even church, to stay in touch with and keep your members, prospects, customers, clients, and even parishioners up to date and informed.

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