Among the many advantages outlined in this review is the fact that this company pays it forward for your two front line people and their 2 all the way down the line. But, there's more...

American Dream Nutrition


This is what American Dream Nutrition has to say about their company:

American Dream’s Mission Statement:

Our mission is to change and improve peoples lives through our two-part formula for success. Part one is enhanced health through supplementation. Our exclusive, patented and clinically tested products deliver the results people are looking for. Part two is by offering a better way of life through our powerful and rewarding compensation plan, and, by giving back through our many charitable initiatives.   Please visit our “Giving Back” page. Your product purchase makes a difference.

At American Dream, we’re passionate about helping people live the life they deserve. American Dream is a company founded on Christian principles and values.  We are committed to stand alone as far as the quality of our products, the exciting income potential our compensation plan offers, and we especially pride ourselves on our “we care about you” customer service policy.

American Dream’s Manufacturing: We have teamed up with several world renowned Doctors, Bio-chemists, Formulators and Manufacturers combining decades of high level experience to produce our products.  Our manufacturing facilities are FDA registered and operate under the strict guidelines of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).  Our manufacturers are some of the largest in the world and we can literally produce millions of bottles a month without blinking an eye.

Dollarphotoclub_39403352Our Quality Control: Our facilities have full capabilities to provide Micro-Biological testing, PH testing, percentage of moisture testing, and brix testing, all to provide the optimum quality control to insure the absolute highest quality products, period!

Our Products: We are committed to using only the highest quality ingredients, extensive research and science based formulas. American Dream manufactures and distributes safe, effective and innovative products with a perfect blend of science and nature. We incorporate the very latest and most effective science and technology for health and wellness in all of our products.

The American Dream Advisory Board: A team of Innovators in the fields of health, wellness, nutrition, and the network marketing industry for decades provides everyone involved with the best of the best as far as products and opportunity.

American Dream is transforming lives through ultra-premium science based products, a strong, charitable commitment and a generous compensation plan that helps YOU win. Our products and opportunity can help you become healthier and happier. If you have a heart for helping people, American Dream may just be the right opportunity for you.

Dollarphotoclub_81367903Here’s an example of what sets American Dream apart and what you need to look for in a good company:

  • Leadership that understands our industry
  • Great products that people want and benefit from
  • A pay plan that offers both short-term and long-term income
  • Training that includes a simple duplicatable “system”
  • Rewards and recognition

This is why so many people are making the American Dream Nutrition decision!

  • We have great products people WANT…
  • We have the comp plan that can help virtually anyone fulfill their dreams …
  • We have the leadership that has already been there, done that and is willing to teach YOU how to do what it takes to become successful …

PhytoZon Product Video

PhytoZon® is a one-of-a-kind exclusive blend of nine proven ingredients, many patented or with patents pending.

(See Product Ingredients and Science Below)

PhytoZon Press Release

PhytoZon® is a category creator: there is no other product like it.

Over 10 years in Research and Development, HUNDREDS of Clinical Studies, Ancient Secrets from both the Amazon Rain Forest, and the Incan natives of Peru converge to provide this Exclusive Proprietary Synergistic blend of Nine Patented, Patent Pending and Proven Ingredients.

The Benefits of PhytoZon

With Over 500 Hundred ingredient specific Research and Clinical Studies, PhytoZon was scientifically formulated to Enhance, Promote and Support:
  • Brain/Body Balance – Mental Clarity, Focus/Recall
  • Mental Cognition and Concentration
  • Energy, Vitality, Increased Strength, Well Being
  • Joint Health, Flexibility, Mobility, Endurance
  • Skeletal Health, Posture, Back and Neck
  • DNA Repair on a Cellular Level
  • Cell Production of IGF-1 to Repair/Rebuild Cartilage
  • Heart Health, Eye Health, So Much More…

“My patients love PhytoZon®. We are seeing absolutely amazing life-changing results with PhytoZon®.”
– Dr. Curtis Smith

“I believe millions of people could benefit from using PhytoZon®. It’s all about the quality of our daily life. “Our Health is Wealth”
– Dr. James Jensen, M.D.

The A-List of Nature’s Pharmacy.

Check out the POWER of ChagaPlus® with Camu Camu

  • Chaga has an ORAC value of nearly 60,000 and is one of the highest natural Vitamin B sources on Earth!!!
  • Contains over 215 Phytochemicals – possibly making it the most nutrient rich superfood.
  • Over 1400 modern scientific publications indicate these components could offer solutions to many health conditions.
  • Potent immune enhancing agent.
  • Siberian Chaga is one of nature’s oldest medicinal herbs. Some would say it has been touted worldwide as “The Medicinal King of Herbs”, and a precious gift from nature.
  • For centuries, traditional Chinese medicine practitioners used Chaga for general health, longevity and beauty and as a remedy for many serious health conditions.
  • Chaga Mushroom gets its saturated nutrients from birch trees, rather than from the ground. Siberian Chaga contains large amounts of betulinic acid in a form that can be ingested orally, as well as the full spectrum of immune-stimulating phytochemicals.
  • American Dream’s Raw Siberian Chaga is 100% natural, harvested in the wild, safe and effective. This ensures the purest form of Chaga available. Our Raw Wild-Crafted Siberian Chaga contains incredibly high amounts of beta glucans, saponins, amino acids, belulinic acid, and natural minerals.
  • Chaga is extremely rare and is found growing on only about one of every 15,000 birch trees.
  • Chaga’s extremely high antioxidant levels make it a great natural resource for helping to counter free radical damage. It’s also an excellent resource for vitamin D, vitamin K, multiple B vitamins and minerals. Chaga’s other constituents include botulin and betulinic acid responsible for many of its positive effects, as well as flavonoids, polysaccharides and other phytonutrients.
  • The betulinic acid in Chaga has shown to be helpful and effective for its antioxidants and anti-cancer benefits.
  • Chaga helps fortify your immune system, helps support healthy digestion, helps liver function, helps with stress, anxiety and fatigue, and can help promote healthy skin and so much more.
  • Chaga helps promotes heart health.   The betulinic acid in Chaga enters the blood stream, where it assists in breaking down harmful LDL cholesterol and may help lower the risk of potential cardiovascular disease.

American Dream’s ChagaPlus® includes Powerful Camu Camu (Exotic Super Fruit)

What is Camu Camu?

Camu camu is a low-growing shrub found throughout the Amazon rain forests of Peru and Brazil. It produces a lemon sized, light orange to purplish red fruit with yellow pulp. This fruit is packed with more natural vitamin C than any other food source recorded on the planet, in addition to beta-carotene, potassium, calcium, iron, niacin, phosphorus, protein, serine, thiamin, leucine, and valine. These powerful phytochemicals and amino acids have a surprising range of therapeutic effects. Camu camu has astringent, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, emollient and nutritional properties.

Benefits of Camu Camu – Exotic Super Fruit from the Amazon Rain Forest:

  • Camu Camu is a delicious superfood grown organically in the Rainforest, boasting high antioxidant levels. Camu Camu is high in Vitamin C complex and has an abundance of Calcium, Protein, Beta-Carotene, Iron, Riboflavin, Niacin, Thiamin, Phosphorus, Valine, Leucine and Serine. This makes Camu Camu invaluable for optimal functioning of all metabolic processes, including the formation of white blood cells, maintaining a strong and healthy immune system, and supporting the brain, lungs, heart and lymph glands.
  • Highest Vitamin C content – more than any other food.
  • Helps strengthens the immune system.
  • Super Potent Antioxidant levels.
  • Helps Balance Mood – effective and safe in helping with depression.
  • Helps support optimal function of nervous system including eye and brain functions.
  • Helps arthritic protection by helping reduce inflammation.
  • Powerful Anti-Viral, Anti-Hepatitic – helps protect against liver disorders, including liver disease.

Countries outside of the U. S. report on Chaga

Chaga is rich in natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phenols, containing the compounds betulin and betulinic acid – which derive directly from host birch trees. Both betulin and betulinic acid may demonstrate anti-tumor effects, which explain why Chaga is known outside of the U. S. as an anti-cancer agent. Additionally, some science shows that betulin may play a beneficial role in controlling metabolic disorders, such as obesity and metabolic syndrome. A group of compounds in Chaga called lanostanoids also appear to play significant anti-cancer roles.

The reported anti-cancer activity of Chaga is not completely understood, but some compounds in the fungus boost immune activity, may help prevent cancer cells from replicating, and others may cause premature cancer cell death. This argues for the utilization of a whole Chaga extract, rather than isolating a single compound. In Chaga, many agents appear to be and may be active against cancer.

One of the most surprising benefits of Chaga is in regards to psoriasis. In one Russian study, psoriasis patients who took Chaga recovered from their condition. Given that psoriasis is notoriously difficult to treat and responds to very little therapies, this effect alone could be of enormous benefit to many.

The compound ergosterol in Chaga, along with related agents, shows anti-inflammatory activity. This may account for why Chaga is thought of as a life-extending agent in China, as inflammation is part of every chronic, degenerative disease. Reducing systemic inflammation can mitigate or help with a variety of health problems, leading to a healthier life – and presumably a longer one.